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Thread: Next HRC test?

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    Default Next HRC test?

    Was wondering if anybody knew when the next HRC test is and where. I have been told that IAGDA was having one in July, but I have not seen it posted here or on their website.

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    July 18 and 19th, Chena Flood Control, North Pole, AK.
    It was listed on there website under "events".
    The link for signing up isn't up yet.
    I would go to the HRC website and download the entry form from there.
    See you there.

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    According to the Midnight Sun Gun Dog Assc. website, there is a UKC/HRC hunt test on August 1st and 2nd at Boyd's Potato Farm in Palmer.

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    The link for the Premium for the next IAGDA HRC test will be on their website tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.
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