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Thread: Kayaker's cove Seward - fishing and paddling

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    Default Kayaker's cove Seward - fishing and paddling

    I'm spending 2 days paddling and fishing next week at Kayaker's cove 12 miles south of Seward in resurrection bay. Any good spots for kayak fishing in the area and around Fox island? What should I use to try for rock fish or salmon?

    Any recommendations for good spots to paddle to or other activities?

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    I have spent many nights at Kayakers Cove. I always boat with my own motorboat and stay there since friends of mine own it. I have talked to many kayakers who have fished while staying there. Some have caught salmon but usually later in the summer, like August as the salmon aren't inside the bay much this time of year. Try trolling a spinner or plug cut herring behind your kayak over on the north side of the spit on Fox.

    You can also catch rock fish over there. I have also caught haligut at the entrance to Kayakers Cove in 150' of water but if you hook a big fish it could be interesting trying to land it in a kayak.

    It's a great place enjoy. There is also nice hiking up behind the cabins.

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    Any updates on the trip? I am heading out to the Cove this weekend and will definitely be drifting some bait behind my kayak.


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