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Thread: public land maps

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    Default public land maps

    Where would I go to find a detailed map of public and private land in alaska. Website or otherwise thanks

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    Paper or gis databases?
    Often state game and fish offices/websites have both
    Other webs like usda, nrsc, tiger census, usfw, data clearing houses would be a good start

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    You probably won't find everything you need in one place, but if you go to the public lands information center on 4th avenue or search you will find a lot of whatever you may be looking for.
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    Your right, usually need to get info from several sources and put it together yourself.

    I forgot about BLM. That may be one of the best. They usually have very good paper maps and mountains of databases.

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    BLM Alaska Spacial Data Managment System is the one stop shop for all federal public lands info. It has state land info as well since that was originally federal land. There is some private land data on here if it started as a federal land or allotment.

    click in the map interface in the middle to get started.

    On the right side of the screen are the radio buttons to turn things on and off. Most do not work until you zoom down to an area that you are looking at. Then turn on the topo maps and the other buttons to start seeing info layers over layed on the map base.

    After you get an area pinned down go to the public lands office in the "New" Federal courthouse building on A and 7th next to the Museum and ask to see their maps. They will give you a free copy in B&W of their large scale quads and what not.


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