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    Considering building a Zenith STOL CH-750. Anyone have experience with this homebuilt, or any other STOL home-build kits that Zenith puts out? Interested in talking to someone that has actually built one of these kits and how good of a performer the aircraft has been for you.

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    I think I ran across a couple of posts on about the ch701 (?). It was a few days ago so either search or look a couple of pages back.

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    Thanks AKHUNTER...I'll Check it out.

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    There are a few 701's here in the Wasilla area. Bob Jones (Jones Landing)at Big Lake has some videos on you tube and may be able to offer some opinions. He also has some info on Zenith's site. I wish I had his contact info for you. You may try the local EAA chapter. The 701 is a great little plane and is a lot of fun to fly, but it is a tight fit. I think you're wise to go with the 750. To me the 750 makes more sense with the wider cabin and potential for upgrading the useful load.


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