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Thread: Camping/cabins around Clam Gulch area -- help!

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    Default Camping/cabins around Clam Gulch area -- help!

    Will be taking the fam down to Clam Gulch for some razor clam action during a nice series of negative tides in mid/late August. Was wondering if anyone has any advice on campgrounds or cabins in the area (whether good places or places to avoid). Any help would be appreciated -- thanks!!

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    Clam digging at Clam Gulch is pretty much history. It has been so over-dug that only the people that don't know any better are digging there. I have been digging in Ninilchik for the past several years and it is much better - for now. Camping on the beach is fun, but there tends to be partying and drinking. Not really a family environment. Campgrounds are better managed. Good Luck

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    For camping at Clam Gulch, state camp ground:

    As far as clamming, not going to find much at Clam Gulch anywhere near the camping area. Try Ninilchik or Whiskey Gulch. You can find edible clams at Clam Gulch, but you will have to drive or walk at least several miles from the camping area and get away from the crowds.

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    Default Ninilchick...

    is better than Clam Gulch. Ninilchick is about 5 miles south of Clam Gulch and you have a choice of camping on the beach or at a camp ground just north of the bridge. The camp ground is very convenient for RV or tent camping. The beach camp ground is a bit crowded due to limited site availablity and doesn't have the wind break the upper camp ground provides. The beach also has the draw back of one outhouse site that everyone clamming uses and are in constant need of cleaning and has only one source of fresh water.
    I have been down for the last two tides and have enjoyed the upper campground sites with minimal partying going on to keep me up at night.
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    Default Try heavenly sights.

    They run a halibut charter a few miles north of deep creek. They have a few great campsites if they are available. You may have the option to be abit more secluded than some other state run facilities and the view is incredible. 12 bucks a site and there are only 6 or so but i've yet to see it full. The walk down to the beach is abit dangerous and I wouldn't personally wanna drag buckets of clams up. But, deep creek and clamming are just about 5 mins. down the road and it could be possible to get clams up the trail to camp directly if you are great on your feet.

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    Default Ninilchik?

    How/where do you access the beach at Ninilchik? We always went to Clam Gulch and did great but the last time was 3/4 years ago. Can you drive right to the beach like at Clam Gulch? Thanks


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