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Thread: Gulkana King Closure

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    Default Gulkana King Closure

    For those who have not heard yet the Gulkana will be closed to all King fishing starting Monday at 12:01 a.m. Complete closure. Also I believe the other tribs. in the basin are further reduced to the retention of 1 King only. Plan accordingly!

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    Heard that. This good news, because the runs have been too small in recent years to support predation by humans. Just ain't enough to go around. Perhaps the run will at least be able sustain itself, if left alone.
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    Its always good to see F&G being proactive and managing conservatively. It's certainly justified. Why is it always the sport fishermen who get to see this management style, though?

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    Default I agree....

    What is being done about the commercial fisherman?

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    what is being done about the subsistence fish wheels further down river!?!?!?!?!?! I know they dont catch toooo many but they have the potential.

    My understanding of the commercial side is they cannot do anything to them without doing something to us first. Kind of a oxymoron considering they take a substantial amount MORE before we ever get the chance too. I understand these boys make their livelyhood at it, but like gambeling this is the price you pay for years of reaping a harvest, eventually it is going to fail!

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    Here is the EO:

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