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    This last weekend 5 of us went out of Homer for halibut. We went out to Point Pogibshi. We were using salted herring for bait. We had a variety of lures from straight #16 Circle hooks to jigs. We fished in 80-150 of water and drifted back and forth from Seldovia to the Point. We fished 3 tides. Between the 5 of us we caught ZERO halibut. Not one. I have been fishing before and I thought we were doing it right. One of my boat mates was a commercial halibut fisherman for years. We are all stumped. I am seriously about to give up..does anyone have any ideas? Is it really necessary to go out 25 or 30 miles just to catch a fish?

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    Didja spit on yur bait? I find that helps out.


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