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Thread: Recommendations: Day trips from Anchorage/Eagle River

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    Post Recommendations: Day trips from Anchorage/Eagle River

    Hi everyone!

    Well, my dad, uncle and I made it up here from Seattle. It took 4 tires but we're here now! Woohoo!

    We've done a little fishing thus far, they went out of Whittier with our cousins friend, we snagged some Sockeye in Seward (very interesting experience) and attempted the Little Sue without a jet (cost us a new prop).

    However, we've hit a little snafu now. We were planning on heading down to the Kenai this week but due to a medical/dental problem, we've been told not to leave Anchorage for the next ~2 weeks. So, we're looking for some day trips we can take. We're willing to try just about anything and have a 13ft Alaskan Smoker Craft and both 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors and we all have chest waders.

    What are some of you guy's favorite day trips to take in the area? We have all kinds of gear, my dad basically brought a tackle shop and then some, up with him. But, since we're not from here we aren't quite sure how the fishing works so any advice on what to use when fishing different places would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone wants to come along and show us the ropes that would be awesome too!

    Also, we have access to Fort Richardson and Elmendorf and I know there are areas open to fishing there but don't have much info on it. If anyone knows anything that information would be greatly appreciated as well!

    Ok, thanks everyone and happy fishing and stay safe out there!

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    Default Plenty of options

    Both the Russian and Kenai Rivers are easy day trips. I normally make at least two if not three trips weekly from my home on fort richardson. You can also head towards Palmer and fish the Eklutna Tailrace area. Its located off the old seward highway. Ship creek here in town is always an option if you don't mind the crowd as well as the mud. As far as here on post/base, about all you have to target are small trout. Unfortunately we do have an influx of pike but not any numbers worth targeting in my own opinion.....

    if you'd like more information shoot me a PM and we can get together to discuss more in detail.


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