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Thread: Size Recommendations for Internal Frame Pack

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    Talking Size Recommendations for Internal Frame Pack


    I am going to be asking for a pack for Christmas. I need size recommendations for it. Specifically, cubic inches. The longest hike I would do would be about 5 days/40-50 miles.



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    easy enough but you need to suppy more info. are you a super light weight minimalist? or bringing the big tent/super warm,heavy synthetic bag. Looking to go winter camping which require more clothes and bulkier stuff? Got other hobbies in the backcountry? Fishing,photography, hunting, climbing, ect...? Going solo or sharing group gear for carrying?

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    I hike light. Summer hiking. Solo gear carrying. 7 piece fishing pole on most trips.

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    for light weight travel, i think you would do well with a pack in the 3000-3500 cubic inch range.

    I travel super light as well but actually use a larger pack(~6000 cu. in.) for my photo gear and fly fishing stuff and ease of stuffing 7 days of food too.

    good luck. it's never a bad idea to throw your gear in a duffle and load it up at a store too in packs you are considering.

    good luck.

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    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


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    Go to a reputable retailer and have them fit you also. They have sand bags they can add for weight so you can feel how each size feels and so they can adjust it properly.
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