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    i have been looking at wood cook stoves for a while to help with the cooking and heating of the cabin set up i planing,,

    so what do you think about a transocean ltd sheepherder compact cook stove with the 15.'inch high leg set up another platform that it sets on is going to be about 15..inchs tall to help with the hieght of the unit ..
    so to make easlyer on me to load the firebox with wood..

    my plan is to make a square styple-x-30.inchs long -x-30.inchs wide-x-15.inchs tall concete platform to hold the unit and keep it away from the wall and make it a little easly for me at my hieght to cook on as need ..

    so what do you think of the little sheepherder stoves

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    i also knows that the little stove will burn coal if need be hard is it to get coal up there,..


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