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Thread: how much ammo to bring with me

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    Default how much ammo to bring with me

    so far on this trip i have picked up the following ammo in salt lake city
    and that was just mess around killing time till my friends come home from work .. four bricks of and 4- boxs of 12 ga game birds loads for shotgun part of the combo rifle along 3 boxs of 12 ga slugs with 4-boxs of diff wieghts of 308 rifle ammo .with 2 boxs of 338mag rifle ammo..

    i just found a 4 boxs of 44 mag pistol ammo in 240.grain hollow points along with a couple of bricks of ammo at a gun store

    i am go to buy a rubbermaid tote for to carry the ammo in the truck

    so how much is eough to have on hand for hunting season and target pratice as need to sight in the rifle as need

    now for trying to find 45.acp cal ammo has been a lot harder than i thought for it seam none can be found when i go into the store..
    now on to seattle for the last part of trip to see my family and friends and catch the ferry north ..
    i plan to run all over the seattle looking for ammo for the rifles and pistol to bring as much as i can up there with me ..

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    the reason i been doing this along with buy as much ammo before the trip to shipped up there ..
    the ammo reports it seamed a little lean on rifle and pistol ammo ..
    so picking up ammo as i go i think is a good idea..
    plus along the way i plan to stop at diiff place each day and see about a local sporting good store and stop and see what kind of ammo they have for sale ..
    so hopefully i bring eough to last for a while ..before i need to resupply ...

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    If you plan on carrying your 44 mag for bear protection or hunting then get some proper ammo. At least 300gr cast bullets. Use your 240 hp's for making holes in paper or 2 legged critters.

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    Also keep in mind how you plan to come up and where you are going. Ammo is in short supply everywhere right now but If you have enough for a month or so you can usually find more in time not to run out. Fairbanks and Anchorage have lots of shops so if you do not find something in one driving around a little usually turns some up. The smaller towns have a few choices but smaller shops seem to do a better job of keeping stuff on the shelf.

    If you are driving through Canada, they have restrictions on how much you can bring though so look them up first. They used to have a nice web page that gives answers to what and how much you can bring through.

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    thanks for the info ..


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