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Thread: Another kicker question...

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    So, I'm shopping around for a 4 stroke kicker for my 22' Osprey and have found a deal I like on a 8hp high thrust merc. I thought I was in the market for a 9.9hp or a 15hp but found this 8hp I like. Is 8hp enough power to troll or limp into shelter in the heavy Osprey? Anyone have a 22' glass boat with an 8hp kicker? Thanks in advance

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    For what it is worth I have an Aluminum 22' boat with a 8hp Honda and it pushes it @ 6.4mph in fairly smooth water. Know it is not the same but maybe that will help?

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    I don't see an 8hp mercury unit with the bigfoot/highthrust foot on their website. They do have 9.9 and 15 bigfeet.

    By bigfoot/highthrust, I mean having a large, low pitch prop and a large, low-ratio gear case. Yamaha was the first to put one together way back in the 80s.

    With that said, I know of boats of up to 26 and 28 feet that have used the high thrust yamaha 8-horse kicker, with great satisfaction.

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    Default 8hp yamaha

    so, there are two I'm looking at... the 8hp high thrust is the yamaha and the bigfoot is a 9.9hp... thanks for the correction and the information!

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    9.9 Yam got me back in rough seas from Caines Head back to the harbor doing three knots in an out going tide and high winds. Pushes it nice and steady no problem.

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    Default Bigfoot kicker

    Go with the mercury Bigfoot.
    Have the 15 H.P. on my 23' Trophy and it works great.
    I'm not a yamaha fan after my dads neighbor had three yamaha motors go out on his boat. I know at least one of them that Yamaha said they would fix under warranty and after repairs they refused to pay. Just my opinion.
    When I bought mine marine services in homer had the best price on kicker motors. Got a model from the previous year and it cost $ 3-400 less than anyone on the penninsula on any brand.Just my $.02

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    I have a 9.9 Yamaha HT on my 31' Seawolf and it pushes it at 5kts. The high thrust motors are designed for this use, and some say will perform as well as a 15-20hp regular motor. I don't know about that, but I am happy with mine so far and it seems big enough for the boat unless you are in really big seas and high winds.


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    Ran a new 9.9 Merc on a 25' glass boat last weekend for the first time and worked well...pushed about 5 knots. If I were using it on a bigger boat than that I would consider a 15 or 20 but the 9.9 will move just about everything.


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