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Thread: Gulkana River trips

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    Default Gulkana River trips

    I am just wondering how you guys deal with shuttles when you are doing Paxon to SD campgrounds or Tangle Lakes down to Black Rapids?


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    Default Couple of POC Walt

    Check with Sourdough Lodge Todd is running spots from Paxon down for a very reasonable price.

    Also Call Annie at Black Rapids Lodge she is looking to expand her service related venture and more than likley will be willing to assist you concerning the B.R. Float. On a side note the water is up on the Delta somewhat and it should be a hoot to float.


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    Default cheat..

    i usually carry a 1 gallon can of gas, gets me picked up pretty regular even if it is a little dishonest...

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    if you are looking to hitch a ride back to the putin, i find that standing by road with a pfd on and a paddle works real good. lots of boaters moving up and down the highway and many are willing to stop for a fellow boater.


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