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Thread: Homer King Salmon/Halibut Charter Advice

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    Default Homer King Salmon/Halibut Charter Advice

    Looking to go out for 1 day, was wanting to combo Kings and Halibut. Any thoughts or past experience with some outfits in Homer..Thanks

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    Default Rainbow

    We went out w/ Rainbow in Homer for halibut only; everyone on the boat caught their limit well before it was time to head back, and they did a great job filleting, too.

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    I've had a great time more than once before I got my own boat with a boat called the Grand Aleutian. The captain is young, fishes hard, has a good sense of humor and typically has good luck. He gets his bookings through Central Charters. The boat is a little loud, but comfortable and he knows his stuff.

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    Give Rich Baltzer a call...Booking Toll Free 1-800-770-7620...he fishes with North Country Charters all summer, and continues on his own through the you're after a combo and really want to get some salmon, there aren't many down there who are better at the kings. And you'll get plenty of halibut. I've fished with rich for 7 years and he's always my go-to guy when I head to Homer.
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    Default NCC!

    Ok guys I know I tell plenty of people this on the forum.

    NORTH COUNTRY CHARTERS. Great Service. They will do anything to get you your targeted species and then some. The Captains are great. Ben is young but one of the most knowlegdeable guys out there. If you end up going with them. Tell them Rob and Benay sent you. And tell the family we say Hi!


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info I will make some calls


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