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Thread: Honest Comparisons: CJ3B vs. Side by Side

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    Default Honest Comparisons: CJ3B vs. Side by Side


    A couple of things up front: I have never owned a side by side. I have seen and drove older jeeps, tho I don't own one right now. Dollar for Dollar, what would be better and why? I can build an older jeep for about the same price as a side by side.... Also, is a side by side better for doing things on most Alaska trails? Thanks for your insight.....


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    Up front the biggest thing would be the 1500 lb weight limit on some trails. The side x side is allowed and the jeep is not. The Jeep is wider which will limit you in some areas as well. In many places even the UTV's are too wide. Remember in AK on state land you can cut a trail in that is up to 5' wide, so you can legally cut a trail for your utv that you cannot for your jeep.

    The positive about the jeep is that you can cross deeper water and probably build one cheaper if you are budget conscious, and don't have to have the best of everything.


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