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Thread: Ship Creek @ 4-730pm 6/20/09

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    Arrow Ship Creek @ 4-730pm 6/20/09

    So yeah I don't know if I just happen to suck as a fisherman or if its just a bad season but not only did I not get any bites at all, but neither did anybody around me (the closest anybody got was a bite that was so hard that it snapped the guys instantly), it was so slow in fact that I was able to cast with one hand and take some video with my camera in the other. When my friend and I were packing up we talked to this one guy who said he was fishing on ship creek for eleven years and its never been this bad.

    --Ship Creek Video--


    So Yeah I was wondering, is it just me or is ship creek completely empty of kings? is it the right time for the kings? or maybe im not using the right flies? My friend said that using the green ball fly with a slip shot will work but yeah I ended up with nothing (as did everybody else) . Anybody know what kind of flies do the kings really love to bite on? Any comments are good comments!


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    not the most desirable place on earth.


    They will be there next week. Didnt expect to see that many up by the dam. Same time, different area yesterday. Saw about 6 landed and many hook-ups.

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    Thanks for that link.

    I do have to raise one question then. What about the water temps last year from the Yukon down to California? Did they all drop in this thing they are calling Pacific Decadal Oscillation? It sounded just the opposite where the big rivers down south they were hopeful for good return runs...which contradicts what happened last year acrossed the west coast entirely. Time will tell all!


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