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    Anyone filling their coolers on Nash Rd?

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    u back up here?

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    For two weeks only dude. Up here on work and sneaking in some fishing on the weekends. Where are you at?

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    north pole..have the month off..supposed to be on the gulkana right now..thing is all mud no fish. Klutina isnt much gooder..thought about doign the kenai got no one to float with cough cough...Gotta repair my buddies raft tonight. If ya wanna hook up on a river somewhere bank or float let me know I'm game.

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    Yeah dude, trying to put some salmon in the cooler before I head south again. I'm in Anchorage. Went to Willow last night...4 of us skunked. Very few kings in there. Not sure I want to deal with the crowds on the Russian. Was in Seward last weekend and put some halibut in the cooler. Shoulda grabbed a few reds while I was there, but ended up bouncing around the local watering holes and couldn't get myself down there after the bender.

    The weekdays suck for me unless it is Ship. So it is this weekend or nothing as far as roadtrips.

    A month off? That don't suck....

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    raft in the kenai..u here for next weekend?

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    As it stands right now, no. Supposed to leave on Sat morning, BUT that could schedule is in flux. Sounds like alotta fun though. If it looks like I get extended, I'll let you know for sure.

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    give me a shout if you do 322-0397. Gotta go fix this raft...later man!

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    Will do man...have fun with that!

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    was out nash rd. friday and picked up 4 right away, then a trawler come and dropped his nets,, only seen two hook ups after that..
    talked to some folks there and they had been picking up their limits pretty fast earlier in the week..

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    Why yes indeed - I am filling my freezer.

    Turns out my cooler wasn't big enough for the 35 that my brother and I caught in three days this past weekend.
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