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Thread: Where to catch herring in Valdez

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    Default Where to catch herring in Valdez

    I read that the pier in valdez is closed. ANy suggestions on where I can catch fresh herring down there. Want some fresh stuff for butt bait.


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    I could be way way way wrong on this but...I was led to believe the oil spill wiped that fishery out. Used to commercial fish them strong in Valdez/PWS.

    Maybe Daveinthebush will pipe in here.

    According to this link Herring hasn't been crop fished since 1995
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    Herring is a spring time gig,wiped out or not,Id be surprised if theyed be schooled up at this time.Grey cod is also a great halibut bait as is salmon,fresh n bloody is better.But when it gets downt to it halibut will proly eat an empty 'ol Oly can on a circle hook if its dipped in gurry.
    Back to the serious,might be able to jig up a cod or 2 from the harbor,or perhaps the grinder shoot outflow from either cannery(IF either are running of course).


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    Default Still here

    They are still here just moved a bit.

    Exit the port, turn left, 130-150 foot of water in front of Peter Pan. Look for the gulls.

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