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    Interested in common practices of tipping at fishing lodges where all the staff, including skipper and deckhand, drivers, fish packers, housekeeper,etc. belong to same organization. How much and do you tip anyone, esp. skipper and deckhand, separately or do you just add a tip to final bill and let someone else worry about distribution. If the latter, do you think it gets distributed appropriately or do owners get their fingers in it too?

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    At our lodge most guests tip this way.
    They tip House Keeping, Wait staff together. i.e. they put their combined tip in an envelope and it is handed over to the Manager or Chef and the staff devide the $$$ equally. Guides/Captains/Deckhands and dock staff are tipped individually with more $$$$ going to your on boat staff and less going to the fish processors/dock staff because the dock staff like the kitchen/housekeeping staff will be tipped by all guests and the boat staff just by the guests on the boat. Plus it's the boat staff that make or break the trip and you spend the majority of your trip in their care.
    The lodge management will usually give you tipping information during your welcome meeting.

    Have Fun.


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