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Thread: the people that i met in alaska,,

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    Default the people that i met in alaska,,

    here in the lower 48 states it seams to me that most of the poeple down here do not have there head screwed on tight..
    the only thing that got about you guys and girls up there was the head being screwed on tight and in the thinking in the right way..
    everyone that i met up there on my two trips up there to look at land and get the things started on the house building it was like a breath of fresh air with dealings with people that say something and do it..
    when i ask someone to be at one place so i talk to them about drilling a well on the land to back up the city water system..
    i did not get the whole why are you doing that question ..this what i got ..that not a bad idea to have a back up plan for when the weather nocks out the power to get water into the house stowage tanks..
    when i showed the plans of the house and what i wanted to do black water and grey water system to pumped out into a drain field..
    it was ok that could work idea or let see it on paper first then we will work it out on the house plans
    down here when i fixed the cabin toliet system that uncle who owned the place before me..
    the guy ask me why i had a wierd system for plumping set ..
    since my uncle who bult the house had spent about 20.years in the navy on subs the toliet was set up like on the boats..with a hand pump to pump the toliet bowel mess into a holding tank with a grey water flush system..
    then pumped out to a drain field after being held in a black water tank..

    it seams to me that you guys and girls up there have your head on saight then some of the people that i had to deal with down here on home repair items..

    when i went to the guy house to have him look over the plans to build the dome home and how i wanted to be done..
    he said ok but there somethings that are going to be a problem and we have to fix it now so it will not be a problem in the middle of building the home..
    how it has to be coated and made watertight and other things..
    it was like dealing with a person that ok this is this man dream home and i going to help make it happen ..
    he gave me a cost of building the home and i ask him this ..did you add a little extras for the things that come up in the middle of building a home..
    he just laugh oh yeah it in there,..
    along the path i that i take to come live up there
    i know that i will meet a few a-----e along the way..but most of the people i have met so far it been a great pathway of this person life...

    that my 2.cents about the people of alaska

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    I'll second that. The people I met in Alaska were the friendliest I've met in a lot of years.

    Since my trip in April, I've showed pictures, video, and talked up Alaska so much that half the people who work for me are ready to go, too, for the same reasons. A joker at work "planted" a 3" plastic spruce tree on top of a computer monitor in the control room and painted snow on it with white out. Now, when we've had a hard day, I'll walk into the control room, sit down, and say, "throw some more snow on the spruce, OK?" Then the control room operator will get the white out and add snow.

    It's really kind of thin entertainment, but it keeps the dream alive. I'm going to make the move to Alaska. It's hard to wait.

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    I have to agree with you both. I lived in the Susitna valley for 7 years. Moved back to the midwest in August 2008 because I had to, not because I wanted to. I never realized while living down here before, but the people are so unfriendly and uptight! Good gawd, it is unbelievable! I can't wait to sell my house and move back. I miss Alaska so much and miss her people even more. It's paradise up there...

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    ya them lower 48 people are all wacky!
    Semper Fi!


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