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    So what do you guys think? Is it really that important when it comes to streamers. It just seems that the difference between a 6 and 2 really isn't that much, and I just cant bring myself to buy or tie a pattern 6 times in 3 different sizes. So my big question is.... What the best all around streamer size? I would guess size 4, but I thought I'd ask all you since you fish these Alaskan brutes a whole hell of a lot more that I do. I'm already spending enough on this trip, and don't want to end up wasting money.

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    What are you fishing for?

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    Question Hook size for what river/stream?

    If you are planning to fish the upper Kenai River then the hook gap must be no greater than 3/8". If you have size 6 hooks to tie a flesh fly or streamers that will work just fine. Enjoy your trip and tight lines.

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    Our trip is Aug 19-27, and we'll be fishing trout, dollies, and silvers. Beads will probably make up 95% of our trout gear, but I'd like to throw big stuff at them if they'll take it. So mainly the streamers will be for the silvers.

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    For silvers, I typically go with 4s and 2s. I go up to 1/0 sometimes (not on the upper Kenai of course).

    For trout, I probably use 6s the most, but 2s, 4s and 8s get plenty of use as well.
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    I use size 6 and 4 for kings up to 30# in a slow to moderate current.
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