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Thread: How old's your chopping block?

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    Default How old's your chopping block?

    I've seen some pretty old chopping blocks, matter o' fact, my father-in-law kept one for at least 5 years, & boy was that a toughy trying to balance a block of wood to chop on...

    I have one that's two years old now, & is showing signs of rounding on the top, bowling in the middle, but not needed to be replaced yet...

    How old are yours?

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    We have one at our hunting cabin in Southeast that is getting on to be 7 or 8 years. But since we only cut wood a couple of times a year, it's been lasting longer than it would otherwise.
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    Mine is a large stump that we just keep cutting a little off the top when it gets worn out. Has worked for 2 years so far. Figure it should last about 2 more until we are down to the ground.
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    Just went out and turned mine upside down and counted the growth rings. 112 Years Old, the nearest I can figure. Most of the trees around my parts are around 50 years old, so finding this old devil for a chopping block was heaven sent.
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    I have split about 115 cords of wood on my block. its a full round 22" tall. Even brought it up with me from Wa.


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