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Thread: Sheep Horns and Alaska Airlines

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    Default Sheep Horns and Alaska Airlines

    I didn't want to hijack the other thread on shipping antlers. This is a similar question though, how about sheep horns? How are you guys getting them home? This will be an in-state trip from Anchorage to Ketchikan. Anyone tried carrying them on?

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    Default Since you are on....

    an in state flight, you can check in 3 bags. My buddy just packs them in his pack or the waxed boxed with his meat when he leaves. Never had an issue.

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    Default Sheep horns

    I put a friend on the plane at Fairbanks heading back to the lower 48, after he hunted sheep with an outfitter, AK airlines would not let him hand carry them because, get this......they say he can use it as a weapon. So we had to repack everyting and put it in a large cooler with his hide, and yes they did check to make sure it was also problems.

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    Default cooler

    i put mine in a decent sized cooler then put packages of meat n fish and stuff around it on the flight to detroit...on the way back i replaced the meat with whitetail meat.....i dont' think it would have fit if the skull were intact.....if you kept the skull you might want to make a sturdy box and stuff it with some clothes or something else for skull plate was already cleaned and bleached ....if yours will not be i suggest putitng some newspaper around it and then wrapping a garbage bag around that.....airlines do not like leaky boxes/bags......and i do agree you could use a set of 12+lb sheep horns as a weapon....atleast get one good blow in anyhow....
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    I have hand carried my horns the last 3 times I went sheep hunting (05,06, &07). I simply put them in my carry-on duffle and stuffed them under the seat in front of me (with some difficulty). I had my binos and some clothes in the duffle as well. Alaska Airlines has nothing to do with it. It is th TSA security screening that could potentially be a problem. I have made it by security in both Fairbanks and Anchorage every time with never any issue. Once I was even asked about my hunt. After working so hard to bring the sheep out of the mountains, I hate to check the horns. ANC baggage handlers have stolen fish before. Why not horns?

    My options should I be questioned would be to ask for a TSA supervisor to show me where it is written that sheep horns are forbidden. As a final resort, I could always head back to the AK Airlines counter, get a box, and pay extra to check them. I allow myself some extra time should I ever have a problem. It comforting to know that your ram is riding along with you at your feet.

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    Default Amen

    If I get one this year it's going first class in the cabin with me too!

    I'm doing an instate flight from Fairbanks to Sitka.

    My friend has done the same thing with a goat horn which is really sharp.

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    I hand carried my sheep horns in a duffel with no problems. Have also taken a caribou shed and sitka deer horns as well. It depends where you are going and what mood/background the TSA personal on shift have that day. If they hunt they are more likely to understand and let it go. It all comes down to percieved risk. If they feel like it is a club like item or dangerous in is not going to be let through.


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