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    Default Thank You button

    Some other forums I visit ( specifically) have a button at the bottom of every post that will let people thank the author for that post. The total number of thanks show up next to post counts on every other post. Its a nice way to thank someone for their input without posting a reply and over time its easy to tell who on the board give really good informative posts versus some of the garbage that shows up from time to time.

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    The rep system is in place here that works similar to Scubaboard. I did a lot of work with Scubaboard and Netdoc when it was first getting started. There is a very different group of users on Scubaboard than here. It would be nice if AOD or ASS or whatever the new name is had a similar emoticon group. You can click on the scales in the top right corner of the post to add reputation. The more green squares that a user has, the more "Thank You's" they have received.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phish Finder View Post
    It would be nice if AOD or ASS or whatever the new name is had a similar emoticon group
    I think it would be AOSS.....anyways, I agreee, our emoticon options are way lacking....only 11


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