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Thread: Anchorage to Healy on the shuttle...

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    Default Anchorage to Healy on the shuttle...

    I could use a little help here fella's. I need to book a room in Anchorage for this coming september. The following morning I will head to Healy on the Alaskan/Yukon trails shuttle.
    Here's how I would like this to work....
    My flight arrives in Anchorage at 1:30 local time on a Saturday. I would like to quickly visit the infamous Barneys sports chalet before they close for the evening. I would like to find one nights lodging close to barneys and also close to a shuttle pick up spot for Sunday morning, walking distance to the shuttle pickup is preferred but not mandatory.
    Her's the link for the shuttle schedule and times, Anchorage to Fairbanks.

    If you have any comments on the shuttle, lets hear it! Does the shuttle ever fill up? Are Reservations required? Thanks, Ken

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    A Telephone, and a Cabbie will work wonders for you on your Quest.

    Welcome to Alaska

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    Cutter, thanks for all the indepth and thoughtful insight.. Things are really much clearer now, Indeed.......

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    Barney's is on Northern Lights Blvd near the intersection of NL and Spenard Rd.

    The southern end of Spenard intersects International Airport Rd. near the airport. On that end of Spenard there are several economy motels. When you google just look for Spenard/Airport addresses. From the airport, Barney's is a 10 minute cab ride. Since you're coming from outside AND you're inbound for a hunt be sure to call them from your last connecting airport if there are any delays. Barney's will most likely stay late if they know you're coming.

    If you stay near the airport I'm pretty sure the motel shuttle will take you back to the south terminal to catch the Denali shuttle at 7:30. They may even save you the cab fare to Barney's.

    Of course most of us will probably be hunting ourselves but Alaskan sportsman are suckers for free food and beer SO, it might be worth your while to make such offer about a week before you arrive. Some grub and brew in exchange for a brief "guided tour" of Anchorage sounds like a fair deal.

    Check out the Anchorage vistor's guide online for more info about hotels

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    Default shuttle


    I used the same shuttle when I flew into Fairbanks for my sheep hunt. I got reservations with a comfirmation #. I also needed to get to Healy, and it worked fine. The shuttle I had pulled a small trailer for gear.

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    Falcon, I sent you a pm. Ken

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    Default My $.01

    The shuttle will make stops at un-designated places to pick up and for shopping but you must/should be quick and let them know in advance. They came by the shop many times during the season and I was not one of their designated stops but the driver would be persistent to hurry as other pick ups along the route are waiting for the shuttle too. Most of my clients would call ahead with a list of kit and we would have it bagged up with an invoice, paid and not paid to make it go quickly. For clothing a quicky try on and check of the kit, payment and out the door. For hard goods its very quick just be sure to open packages and check the kit inside the box to ensure its all there. I would pre fire stoves and check off the stove.

    Some times these shuttle can run late and I do not think they forget to pick up which has happened as it has become a fairly stable business now with a reputation to uphold.

    Not sure Barneys will do this but if you called me in advance with a list of kit, and the date and about time you would arrive at the shop, I would stay around that day until you arrived. I know of clients at the shop until midnight when closed at 6pm. I doubt any shop in town will or ever did this.

    Also had a drop box in the back and would place kit in it pre-paid of course for those arriving late night, they would call a head and pay, the kit was placed in the box when we closed up. Of course this was all at your expense, kit not there you were out of luck and no refunds. Never had one issue though but a drunk sleeping in the box one time.

    Do not know what you require from Barnyes but let me know and if things do not work out, I have connections (not with Barneys) and may be able to help if its avail elsewhere. I may even be able to pick it up from Barneys and hold it, and give it to you in person if you have a serve time crunch.

    Anchortown is small, 5 miles north to south and unless your hotel is south of Airport or east of the Seward, there is no real problem getting around fast. Almost everything is in line from the Airport to the Glen heading towards Healy.

    Good luck!


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