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    I know you who know wont give away your sacred location, but give me some ballpark areas. I want to know where in unit 16 you can find caribou. They are open Aug 2-Sept 20 or 30 if you're in 16B. Can you get to them by boat in some of the bigger rivers? Do you have to fly over and find them? If anyone has had a successful hunt in Unit 16 for caribou, please let me know how and where you got them. I finally have my own boat I can use this year, and I would hate to throw down for AVgas but I can pay my boss to fly me around if neccessary. Much appreciated.

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    I think it's just caribou of the mulchatna herd that is sometimes in the mountains of western 16b for a brief period. It's legal and there is a season "in case you're there when they're there" but other than for that I wouldn't plan a hunt around 16B caribou.

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    The caribou in 16 are part of the Rainy Pass resident herd which has crashed and there are not many any more. The only place you might find some is in the high country where 16 joins 19 but there are not huntable numbers and they are not reachable by boat.

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    I have seen some at the headwaters of the Kichatna River. It is not runnable with a boat that far up. Wolves have hit them and the sheep in that region pretty hard within the last ten years. Way better places to hunt caribou than this. But if one was going to be hunting bear over there, it wouldn't hurt to have a caribou harvest tag with them.
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    Rainy Pass herd, ok thats what it is.

    I second that, there are definitely better places to hunt bou. But, it is a good place for bear so go up there anyway, and take a caribou tag in case.


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