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Thread: old lowe 1648 john

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    Default old lowe 1648 john

    Took quite a bit to get the beat up john boat I got over the winter fully operational but I think it's done taking up my time in the driveway and can finally start taking up my time in the way it was intended!

    Had to get some welding done (Karold's was awesome)

    Had to do quite a bit of work to the trailer - added home made side bunk/guideons (hate getting blown off the trailer in the river while loading by myself!), lengthened the tongue (couldn't even open the tailgate before!), fixed the trailer light wiring, new bearings, and bearing buddies and a spare tire.

    The outboard needed work too - had to put new bearings and shaft in the jet, new water pump, impeller was new so just shimmed it properly and straightened grates in the foot.

    Then did a few things to the boat itself - added a plywood/carpet floor (can't have the kids tripping over ribs and having anchor and gear making lots of noise is no good while moose hunting) used blue board between ribs for floatation - last thing I did was move the side console from the front seat to the rear seat.

    I had it out for a few test runs before moving the console and my considerable bulk way up forward was just too much, so I moved the console to the rear seat - hopefully it's much more balanced now - should find out today when I test it and hopefully I can put the 'done' stamp on it!

    somebody should probably warn the fish!

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    Hi There!
    This is Christopher from Canada!

    Im new in this forum!

    I hope I can have more friends here!


    See you soon guys!...


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