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Thread: 40gr Berger HPV on coyotes

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    Default 40gr Berger HPV on coyotes

    Well I dialed in my bobcat and coyote load using the Berger 40gr HPV. Its MOA or slightly less, and is at 2950fps MV.

    How well do you think this will work on them from 20-125 yards? Most shots will be under 60 yards where I hunt so this should work out for me. I also have a slower Sierra 40gr SP load that fits in the magazine that is sub MOA at 2728fps. That latter did cut a ground squiral in hafe a mirr 40 yards. I have not gone to the range yet to see how it actualy does at 100 & 200 yards my yards has a 50 yards range & thats where I work up my loads.

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    Default Yote bullet

    That will work no problem. They are not that hard to kill. Straight on in the chest or broad side behind the shoulder they will drop in there tracks.

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    I believe that load will demolish the exit side of a bobcat and maybe a coyote at 60 and under.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OATS View Post
    I believe that load will demolish the exit side of a bobcat and maybe a coyote at 60 and under.
    What bullets that work with the hornet would you use? I have found the 45 speer sp hornet bullte to be a little tighter grouping and at 2890fps.

    So I have toyed with the Sierra 40gr SP hornet, Speer 45gr SP hornet, Berger 40gr HPV. And there always is the 35gr V-max and 37gr Calhoon.

    AA1680 produces velocities as expected and Lilgun say 300fps above that with each bullet respectively. 2900 to 3100fps with 35gr to 45gr bullets.

    I know what groups good I need to learn their terminal ballistics for yotes and cats we get some bigger one here. I shot a medium sized yote with my bow and it weight 35lbs I have seen much bigger cats and yotes than that. Almost had two kits on my back. They were walking on a blowdown I was sitting against one november deer hunting. The were just hose cat sized say 12-16lbs.


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