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Thread: Upper Chena Grayling

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    Default Upper Chena Grayling

    Seen a thread on here a week or two about the great (epic) grayling fishing on the Upper Chena. Was wondering if anybody has been there lately? Looked at the Interior fishing report for May 22nd, but hoping somebody has some better insight? looking at taking my boy with me on Sunday. Thanks
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    Should be good fishing unless it rains too much. Try blue duns, griffiths gnats, light colored elk hair caddis, hares ears. The grayling are all the way up to MP55, so pull over anywhere and try it. I'm going to try a long stretch of gravel bar at river acces MP39.6 myself. Good Luck

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    Just got in...was ok, we went late, fish werent so inclined to rise..ok we got there REALLY late lol. I think someone had gone through the area in front of us. Lots of refusals which isnt the norm. I know last weekend was quite packed.

    I wouldnt say infamous, we didnt hit any big fish well stuck one big sucker, but my bud didnt land him. The rest were just average upper chena fish. I do think they are chunkier beefier fish though then in years past.

    The water is loooow....I hate to say it but it's become a pocket water game. Not like it used to be. We were quite a ways up and going up from there cough cough. Next time we are going to try to get somewhere there is some more water or atleast some better holes. The upper portion is just skinny skinny skinny and getting hit hard! The big holes I remember still had the most fish, ableit nothing like in years past. When we did find them, there was quite a few there though, and some dandys.

    Still early in the year and it's only looking great for the if we'd get more rain shew!

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    Default Option...

    If you are up for a small adventure here is an option...

    Roughly adjacent to Twin Bears camp is where the south fork dumps in on the south side of the river (check google earth or a topo map, etc...). If you were to go just above twin bears and put in where the road nears the river, it would be a short float down to the confluence. With the water low, it should certainly be a very safe/child-friendly trip. Coming down stream, the confluence will be on the left. Since the south fork is on the opposite side of the river, it gets very little pressure. The current in the south fork is also quite reasonable for a long should be able to go as far up as you desire. Coming back out, there is a braid of the Chena that exits the main body to the right only about 200 yards downstream of the south fork confluence. This braid will take you right back to the road about a mile (or so) from where you originally put in. The south fork has plenty of fat grayling. I just fished it three days ago (much further upstream) and the fish were noticeably more aggressive...I can only assume due to lack of pressure. Panther Martin spinners worked great for the non-fly fishermen and a red copper john suspended about 24" below the surface was killer. I haven't made this trip yet this year and I probably won't (Afghanistan deployment), but last year it was a blast. Spring breakup always changes the face of things, but I've been to the confluence this year and the south fork is still wide and gentle until it curves out of view. Just something to kick around...

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    Are the fish starting to come downstream yet? Any reports?


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