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Thread: Paxson Lake or Summit, what to expect....

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    Default Paxson Lake or Summit, what to expect....

    I want to go to Paxson lake (or Summit - Central Alaska) this weekend with my kids because I heard it's great fishing, but since I've never been, I don't know what I'm fishing for this time of year or what I should use for bait. I think there are whitefish and trout, maybe arctic grayling, burbot and who knows what else. Should I use salmon eggs, shrimp, or what?? Any ideas?

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    A few weeks ago some friends and I took a roadtrip following the Highway Angler book, Summit lake was one of our stops. I don't know if the weather was bad,(cloud,rainy), time of day (mid-afternoon), or the fish were just not there(not stocked recently?); but we got skunked. We did not have one bite the several hours we were there. We had a canoe and went all over the lake, we could see the bottom almost everywhere too.

    I would check out that book, I think they say to use spinners and flies, with trout and grayling in the lake. We had high expectations for the lake but were let down. I hope you have better luck, it was supposed to have good fishing, but like I mentioned it could have been because of several factors...

    Anyways, sorry for the negative comments, but GOod luck have fun!

    oh wait, i am referring to Summit Lake in central Ak, by Denali..

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    I haven't fished those paticular lakes, but the way I've fished other lakes for rainbows is:

    Fish in and around lilly pads. You can get plenty of snags with lures, so use 6# test so you don't loose your tackle. The most consistant lures I've found are 1/4 oz kastmasters and spoons. The ones painted like rainbows work great, as well as those that are brass or silver bodies with the other half painted blue or green. Red and silver also works well. I also recomend replacing the trebles with single hooks, less snags and easier to get fish off the hooks.

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    Paxson is good right now for lake trout, a friend was there last weekend and hammered them. Use rapalas and daredevils around the campground.

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    Default Paxon

    If you have a boat troll the West and North end. Use a 5 of diamond or larger spoon. Also quickfish on a jet planer.

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    Go to the outlet of Paxson for some of the best graying fishing on/near the road system in Alaska!

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    Default great fishing

    Neither lake gets stocked. Summit has a healthy population of lake trout. They can be off and on when feeding being hot one day and dead the next. I with a freind caught over 30 in a single day in Summit all 5lbs and under. Went back on the same day the following year and couldn't even get a bite.

    Paxson is much more steady with the bite. You can always catch them from boat or shore casting spoons or spinners as long as there is a drop off close to shore. That is until July when they start heading deeper.

    Ive been fishing both of those lakes for 10 years and they are some of my favorite places to fish.

    Having a boat & trolling will always provide more fish.

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    if you have a boat I would head down to the outlet of either lake, as the sockeye smolt are outmigrating right now and they will be feeding on them. I have caught lots of fish in summit sightfishing with jigs, they will hit almost anything as long as it looks like a smolt. Had many days of fish on every cast this time of year...its pretty easy.


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