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    I have a 2006 hondamatic 4X4 400FA that is on motor lock. When I leave from a stop on first gear it stays on first gear. And whenever I put the honda into reverse it sputters really bad like it's losing power. Forward I can go fine but only in first gear. Does anyone know how to reset the contorl motor?

    The display blinks 5 times. I have tried to fix the problem by initializing the ECM but it only let's me initialize it 1/3 the way and stops. I hate these electronic things. Help.

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    Try disconnecting then reconnecting the battery and see if that helps.

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    If the guys here can not help you try this is one of the best sites to get solutions to almost any Honda problems.

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    Default ECM

    Its either the engine control module or the speed sensor, usually the speed sensor, not as bad as it sounds.
    Honda designed it to get you out. Shut it off. Start it up and quickly put it in the gear you need.(this is in esp only). Read your manual.
    You will get out no matter where you are. Replacing the speed sensor is easy as long as you attach a wire to the sensor and "thread" it out and "thread" it in on the same wire.
    Been there and done that, not a big deal, like I said, get a manual and READ the darn thing.


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