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Thread: Week of July 20 Recommendation

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    Default Week of July 20 Recommendation

    We've got a client coming in this week short notice and normally would try to arrange a combo trip out of Seward, but the favorite charters are already booked for the most part (short of the big boat / 12 passenger options). We prefer booking a whole 6 pack boat, but..........

    Perhaps anybody with first hand suggestion for an alternate, incl. maybe Whittier, thinking outside the box, etc? We are long time fishing Alaskans that are also temporarly out of a "personal" boat option for that week, and want to show him a good salmon/halibut/ling experience if possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default rent

    rent a boat out of whittier and have at it.

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    Have you tried Miller's Landing for a fishing charter. Try try hard to put you on a boat & also connect with all the other charter operators, as well as their own boats


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