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Thread: Lodging in Kotzebue

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    Default Lodging in Kotzebue

    Heading to Kotz this september. Not alot of choices for overnight stays. Does anyone here have any feedback on the bed/breakfast places in Kotzebue?


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    When Walt gets back from his cabin, he should be able to steer you in the right direction, he teaches in Kotzebue. He should be back in a week or so.

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    Default B+B

    I would advise you to stay at one of the b+bs and not stay at the hotel.
    I have stayed at Sue's Bed and Breakfast. It was decent and the price was a bargain. Others have stayed at Bibber's Bed and Breakfast with good results. Nullagvik Hotel is very expensive compared to the BB although it is closer to the Airport if you are in a holding pattern to get out.

    Kotz has the best Korean Food. I don't know why but nearly every restaurant in town serves great korean food.


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    All resteraunts in Kotz are Korean run.... Good eats, for sure.

    You can also pitch a tent at the North end of town, at North Tent City.
    Contact the City Of Kotzebue for details.
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    Try Drakes Camp

    They run a basic Man Camp and it is low cost and well run, about $80 a night, kitchen, bath and a bunk. Nancy at 442-2736

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    Default Kotz lodging

    We stayed at Sue's B&B. It worked out pretty well and isn't that far from the airport. The price was good compared to others we called.

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    Default kotz

    Been a couple years since I spent a night in Kotz, but I've stayed at a couple of the B&Bs in the past and they are fine.

    Last couple times I was at the Nullagvik Hotel. Depending on how many guys you have, it may be cheaper than going the B&B route. Food was good there, but not sure if the resturant is still open or re-opened. The other resturants were good too.

    Can check tomorrow when I pass thru town.


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