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Thread: Ship Creek @ 4:31pm 6/17/09

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    Default Ship Creek @ 4:31pm 6/17/09

    So yeah I decided to take my camera down and take some photo of ship creek, I comment in the first video that there are few fishers and no fish, but then after the video I realized that its beacuse the tide was in the process of going out, hah. Also I have a photo of a fisher who caught a 30.04lb salmon, I didnt catch his name but if your on here, Kudos for reeling it in and I hope I can snag one like that tomarrow!

    ps. I was going to put in an embedded youtube video but i cant make it work, so here is the links to the videos, its in HD

    --Downstream from the walkbridge next to the resturant--

    --Downstream from the dam--

    --The 30.04lb King and its captor--

    So yeah. Hopefully ill catch a king like that.
    See everyone later!

    --Chris (AlaskaIsCold)

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    Prime time and not a fish holding up in the pool below the dam!

    At any given time there's usually a couple dozen kegged up there to rest before they decide to shoot on up.
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