I just want to pass on to all to be careful for the Alaska Boat Mechanics in the Anchorage area. I called to get an estimate for a complete motor replacement in my boat and got charged over $300 and the estimate was well into $18,000 for the engine and engine related parts on the boat. I asked for an estimate and the guy came into my boat with tools and started working on my boat to tear things out. I did not know he was a mobile mechanic because I had replied to an online motor add and told him I needed an estimate. All of this was for the insurance company. I got the name off of craigslist, my oops, because I wanted the best deal I could afford if the insurance fell thru. Everyone has had there fair share of insurance company tactics ad I needed something reasonable. Well, found that replacing it myself would cost around $9,000 to $10,000 if everything was replaced brand new. He charged me for the estimate, call out charge, and for labor, none of which was never discussed. I was very up front with this guy and got taken advantage of and wanted others to be aware.