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Thread: Parking/Lauching Fees

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    I'll be floating willow ck next week and need more info on parking and lauching fees on the creek. If you lauch at the highway bridge, where do you park and how much is the parking fee? I found the fee for parking at the take out, $10.

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    I've never paid for parking or launching on the Willow. Have things changed?

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    I launched at Little Willow last weekend; no charge there. Floated to Big Su, and then down to Willow Creek Campground. Since I was just picking up the raft, and not staying more than 30 minutes, no charge there either.

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    The DNR website for the Willow creek rec. area states a $10 parking fee. I'm assuming this is the parking area at the mouth of the creek? How about parking around the highway? Does the Willow creek resort have a day parking lot?
    Sorry about all the questions, but I just want to have the logistics hammered out before we drive down this weekend.
    If some one could help, just PM me.
    Thanks for the response.

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    Willow creek resort charges $5 for launching a boat. They charge $20 for a vehicle shuttle for willow creek and $25 for the little willow. A very good service so you dont have to drive 2 vehicles up.

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    Thumbs up Instruction, Raft Rentals and Shuttling Services

    Thought it would be worthwhile for some folks that follow this thread:

    We offer ---

    - On-water instruction on Willow Creek
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    - Raft, kayak, paddle-cat, and canoe rentals

    - Local shuttle and rental boat delivery services on the Willow and nearby Susitna tributaries.

    We will have the same great customer services for the Upper Kenai... opening scheduled for the July 4th weekend.

    If/when folks are considering fly-out freighting from Willow area (out to Lake Creek or Tal for example) at competitive rates we can lend a hand as well.


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