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    I am wanting to add more low end to my 99 Arctic Cat Powder Special. It is a fuel injected 600. I am a boondocker so I typically travel at low speeds and need the power instantly so I want an upgrade that will give more low end. I was thinking a Comet clutch kit. Any Suggestions?

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    I would take a look at the TEAM performance clutches. You really want something with a roller helix for the fast backshift. Before spending a lot of money on a totally new clutch, you might think about playing with the fly weights and main spring in your primary. Talk to the mechanics at the dealership and ask what combination works well for your machine. For around $50-$100 you may get the performance increase you were looking for without having to replace the clutch.

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    i have a pipe and chip for that sled, you should check the clutch any way my cluthc had cracks in it after 1500 miles , and you can change your helix in your driven clutch , had my sled settup to where it was very trail friendly till about 45 then it took off like a bat outa hell
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