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Thread: Which bullet for 45-70

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    Default Which bullet for 45-70

    I have a TC Encore in 45-70 and I'm trying to decide which bullet to load for moose and black bear. I know that Nosler Partitions, Swift A-Frame and A few Barnes bullets would all work great, but what others would be good? Hornady Interlock maybe? What weight should I go with, 350gr, 405gr, 500gr???. I know that this will also depend on how well the gun shoots with a particular bullet, but what are some of your recommendations? Thanks, Mike

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    Default 45/70

    Hello baer19d,
    I'll throw in some food for thought. I have a Marlin 1895XLR with a Leupold 2 x 7 x 33 that I enjoy shooting. So far I have shot 1 nice black bear with it - using the Hornady 325gn Leverevolution ammo. Took out heart and opposite shoulder - hammered the bear and there was no tracking to be done. I intend to take this set up moose hunting this Oct and figure it to be a good load out to maybe 250 yards. I shot 16 rounds out of 20 into a 3 inch circle from 100 - 200 yards this past weekend - I find this load extremely accurate and fun to shoot.
    Not sure how this bullet will hold together if I have to take out a moose shoulder on entry but it sure penetrates logs well! I love to reload but wanted one gun that I could just buy factory ammo for and hunt!
    Many 45/70 lovers on here so you should get some good tips.
    Good Luck!

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    Talking velocity?

    Hi: I don't know what velocity you have, but I wouldn't overlook the Speer 350 gr hot cor. I've used it at around 2650fps and it performs great. I'd rate it as one of the best lead core bullets available. Barnes X also great. Both brands need some speed though, so if you are loading down a little, maybe not the right choice. Good luck.
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    When I hand loaded I found the Hornady 350gr RN worked best for me and I moved it at 1880fps. This round always passed through includeing a brown bear full body lenght. It was also aways a one shot no tracking round but the longest shot was about 75 yards


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