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Thread: Displaying Black Bear Rug on Wall

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    Default Displaying Black Bear Rug on Wall

    I just got my Black Bear rug from the Taxidermist today and it looks like it is going to be too large for my floor. That leaves me two options in my house. 1) Laid out on the double bed in my upstairs guest bedroom or 2) Put up on the wall in my computer room/hallway. I like the idea of the number two option at least for a year until I'm done having it "close" to me. Here is my question. How are these rugs usually displayed on a wall as far as angle of orientation. Head (open mouth) straight up, Head straight down, horizontal straight, horizontal angled? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have mine hanging on the wall going up the stairs diagonally with head up. I think it's a great pose.

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    Default i usually suggest down

    i believe angled down would be the most user friendly......with the mouth facing up it is basically a dust trap....hanging it slightly downward would prevent dust collection inside the mouth decreasing the need to clean it out, risking damage to the would then only leave the hair to be cleaned, since you occasionally have to clean the hair anyway.....heres a tip for that too....fold up a paper towel and spray it liberally with Pledge lemon or otherwise, then rub this thoroughly into the gives it a nice shine and protects it from drying out ....if the hair get too dusty you can use a shop vac or normal vacuum with hose attachment to suck up the dust, then rub in some pledge
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    From a taxidermist friend:

    Nose down: over time the formed head will push into the face skin and there is a possiblity it will look like the bear has had a face lift and the face will look tight

    Nose up: opposite problem. Corners of eyes will start to pull away from formed head as the head creeps down in the hide.

    Now you have to ask yourself if hanging it sideways there will be a touch of both problems. I asked him this and he said yeah, but its the best option....


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