Missing Bush Plane.
IN 1977, I was 29 yrs old and working for SCE Power Company in their Bishop Hydro Division, which stretched from Olancha to Lee Vining.
WE had a summer long high country restoration of a small dam above Rush Creek area. The facility was in the John Muir Wilderness Area.WE sandblasted, chipped and then gunnited 2800 bags of cement, 986,000 pounds of sand and 8 barrels of an additive called Hydroseal.
The barrels I hauled in, BUT THE SAND AND CEMENT WAS PACKED IN by Dink Getty using 136 head of stock. Very fun and interesting job.
The dam was approx 9200 ft elevation.
We worked 12 days on and 2 days off (usually).
The crew of around 14 guys traveled up from Gem Lake, around 8400 ft, where a bunkhouse was located. They hiked 3 miles and rode a barge about 3 miles to get there every morning. Same route at evening.
12 -14 hours per day.
I stayed at the old sheet metal guard shack, cooked my own food and walked 4-8 miles every evening for entertainment.
I weighed 190 pounds, 5í 8Ē and could pick up anything that was not bolted to a rail track.
I was the dozer/loader operator and liked living by myself.
One evening, and I canít remember anymore if it was in August or early Sept (around Labor Day), I heard a loud plane coming over. He was no more than 2000 feet above me, with 13500-14000 ridges around us. Of course , there were passes that were in the 10,500-11,400 in the area. The valley was just east of us, so the pilot could bail out if in trouble.
I spent 2 years at a trade community college getting my A & P, so I was not totally illiterate regarding this plane.
It was yellow, I believe, with a LARGE prop enclosed on top of wing. It would not have surprised me to find out this was a rotary power plant, but as I ran along the trails to see better, the pines kept getting in the way.
It was obviously a Bush Plane on itís way to the upper northwest.
I came down the next week for a 2 day visit with my young wife and two kids and found out this plane was missing.
I called the FAA and told them where and when I saw it.
I never heard another thing about this beautiful plane,
Iit was being flown by itís owner pilot up to Alaska.
More Specific: this was near Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite Park.
Anyone know anything about this personal mystery of mine?