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Thread: New raft floor

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    Default New raft floor

    Anybody have any reccommendations as to who to use to replace a floor in a raft. Can't find the slow leak into the raft through the floor.

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    take it to whomever sells that brand here...

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    Thumbs up We do repairs -

    A few options...

    Please send a pm on here. I'm more than certain I can help you solve your situation, do the repair work, or lend a hand at some level.

    Things to consider -

    What kind of boat?
    brand, model, year made, etc.

    How old and overall condition of boat?
    this may determine fix boat through our support/instruction or have the repair done by us and weighing the cost of the project vs. realizing how to deal with your particular scenario.

    Setting up appointment... scheduling you boat to be repaired and when you need it for on water?

    Would you like us to come out and see it, or would you be able to bring it to us to get you an estimate?

    NO waiting around & no run around.


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