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Thread: Ac 550?

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    Default Ac 550?

    Has anyone got any first hand experience with the AC 550 yet? I understand Arctic Cat is making their own engines for this one. I can't justify buying a new wheeler for a couple more years at least, but I've always like AC and I'm interested in this one.
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    Some friends I ride with have one and also the 700. I have had a few chances to ride them a bit. I do think they need to shave off some weight. They are quite a bit heavier than my Grizz (almost 100lbs). 2 weeks ago, we were all riding Boulder and when we got through the first swamp it was steaming pretty bad and we realized the radiator overflow hose got caught on something and pulled free from it's retainer. They had also blown the fan fuse causing it to overheat. All this just to say that while I was putting things back together, it seemed to have a bunch of exposed stuff under its wheelwells. Wires, hoses, gas tank, and other stuff just seemed to be very vulnerable.

    They really seem to like riding them. With the ladies, you can see them struggle just a bit in the tight quarters and in the swamps, primarily due to weight I believe. Undertanding that the rider is a big part of this!!


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