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    I'm taking my son to Yakutat July 20, we are taking a fly out to the Akwe river. any one ever been there? any advice on tackle. we both have spinning rods and I also fly fish. I t will be a good trip for my son, it will give him a chance to get his act togather after being disabled in Iraq. thanks for any advice.........Ron

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    I have spent a lot of time on the Italio which is close by. It is beautiful. Be sure to take some form of bear protection. The bears in the area are huge. I can't speak much about fishing advice, but you will enjoy the area.

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    Just ask your pilot or the folks at the lodge what to use.

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    Around July 20 on the Akwe, you'll see mainly sockeyes and pinks, so you can adjust your tackle for those species.

    If you were to arrange for a jetboat ride upriver (via Hippy John or someone else), you would find some very good cutthroat trout fishing.


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