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Thread: Caribou Hunting Help

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    Default Caribou Hunting Help

    I have been trying to do a hunt on Adak for about 5+ years just haven't done it yet. Now I am being told the herd has been decimated by over hunting and there are no big bulls anymore. Can anyone assist a guy from Missouri. Any information on how they get around on the island, any info would be appreciated.

    I have also given some thought to Nunivik and hunting the reindeer, anyone have any help with that. Anyone know anything about the hunting there for a non-resident? I saw some guys asking about the spring snow goose hunting. We hunt them in Missouri, great time, over decoys. Anyone that can give me some assistance on the caribou thing, can come down and hunt Snows with me over 2,000 decoys, no limits, no plugs, and E:callers. My E:mail is Thanks.

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    Hey Chiefs,

    I've never hunted Adak, but if you do a search for the Jim Shockey thread that was here in the hunting forum a few weeks back, Adak caribou were discussed pretty heavily there for a spell. If you do a search on his name, the thread will come up and should provide you with some initial info anyway.

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    Just search Adak, lots of threads fro people that have been there. There were reports of an outfitter that brought a lot of hunters out there last year or the year before and a lot of bulls were taken. Still a good number of animals but I've never been out there, don't want to pay the huge airfare from Anchorage


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