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Thread: Kodiak in Late October

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    Default Kodiak in Late October

    Hey I know that someone has probably touched on this topic before but I can't find any threads on it. So my question is what can I expect on Kodiak Island in October? I'm wondering what the temps, rain or snow, wind averages are like. Thanks

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    Default Late October

    I haven't been on Kodiak in late october but my hunting buddy who lives in the city of Kodiak has.

    The last time they spent 4 out of 6 days IN the tent in driving rains & howling wind. All they could find was green alders so they didn't even have a fire. Just cold & wet.

    Hopefully, if you go, you will find better weather.

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    Expect rain wind sleet snow fog and sun, adapt to whatever you're given, and you'll have a great hunt. Especially expect wind, wind and more wind. Whatever is mixed with the wind will change, but the wind often doesn't. This is true any time of year, but especially from late September onward. Temps should mostly be mid 30's to mid 40's, maybe high 50's if the sun pokes out, and possibly down into the 20's if a cold front comes in. Kodiak 20's feels like below zero interior though. I also very highly recommend a gun with iron sights as an option to your scope- either have a scope that comes off easily or use the look under rings. There are some days with wind and rain that no matter what you do your scope will be wet; it would be nice to stay in camp those days, but I've busted some beautiful bucks out of their beds in pretty awful weather, and also seen them moving about like it was a sunny Sunday in the park when it was blowing 50 with rain.

    Use the wind to your advantage. Expect it to blow, and if it doesn't, just be thankful. When its blowing hard, though, bucks tend to bed on the lee side of ridges that break the wind. That way they can smell/hear anything coming from upwind, and see whats coming from downwind. Use your terrain map to find ridges that cut crosswind, and walk the lee sides of them slowly, taking care not to skyline. Glass ahead as much as you can, and look for little protected nooks and crannies in the ridgeline. If you spot one deer, look very carefully in that area, cause in really nasty weather they tend to group up in a fairly small area. (from what I've seen) I found one spot during a building snow storm that was no more than 20x20 and held several dozen deer, if not more. It felt like being in the middle of a covey of ptarmigan when they all flushed out of there!

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    hunted kodiak in the fall of 2007 there 18 days,rained or snowed 15 of them. wind always seemed to blow. lows were in the 20's highs inthe 50's still a great time

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    Default have fun!

    like Willphish said, expect it all. I was there a couple years ago hunting goats in mid Oct. We waited 6 days for our plane to come becasuse of bad weather. When it was good weather where we were, it was bad in Kodiak. Most of all, it was mentally challenging to me laying in our tent for a couple days at a time, not able to get out. Take extra food., a book, and some cards. Have a great time


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