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    I am planing a trip with my wife and son from palmer up to fairbanks and was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on lake trout fishing along the way. I was thinking about paxson lake but I'm not sure on what to use or where to fish on that lake. thanks for any help

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    Try fishing at the southern end of the lake where it drains into the Gulkana river. This time of the year they should still be there waiting to ambush smolt heading downstream. Any type of smolt pattern should do the trick. You'll need a boat though.


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    For reasons unknown.....I regard the Laker as one of the most "coveted" species of fish to catch in our great state. Much of my gear, my trips, and my decisions kind of revolve around lake trout fishing. A fish that could live 60 yrs. or more, a fish of slow growth, a fish that's difficult to fish for, a fish that little is known about, a fish that is both rare and supceptible to over-fishing. Your best bet is to fish "low light hours". Make very little noise and only mimmick fish with your presentation of either fly, lure, or bait. If you would like some other "options" for lakes to fish....PM me. Target the outskirts of the streams and shelfs of islands. A fish finder is your freind. fishing 15 ft. down in and around 20 to 30 ft. is a good place to start this time of year. go deeper from there. If you do attempt to ambush the ol wise uns in the shallows, approach with stealth and quietness in the low light hours, shut that darn motor off too! A 30 yr. old fish is wiser than you are!


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