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Thread: Rifle Shooting this weekend 600YDs come shoot

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    Ron 688 1042

    Sunday is the fun shoot 600yds at 1700 at Pednau Range Fort Richardson to celebrate the summer solstice longest day of the year

    Fun match, shoot what you got, bring what you have, shoot how you want.

    30 minutes, unlimited sighters, 20 rds for record on pulled targets at 600 yards. you will be required to pull targets and score

    Also a NRA mid range prone shoot Friday,
    NRA High Power Rifle Regional Championship Saturday,
    CMP Leg match Sunday
    CMP Team Match Sunday
    and the Fun match,

    Come out and shoot


    The Alaska Rifle Club will host three days of matches this coming Friday June 19, Saturday June 20, and Sunday June 21 at Ft. Richardson's Pedneau Range. Sign up time will be 7:00 AM each day. Everyone is required to sign up in the parking lot adjacent to Pedneau Range.

    The Army range control has taken a firm stand on range rules. There will be no personal vehicles other than the emergency designated vehicle on the Range. So, either you have to carry your equipment or put it in the emergency vehicle.

    Friday's match is a Mid-Range Prone match. There will be 60 shots for record with unlimited sighters . Match fee is $20.00.

    Saturday the Regional Championship will be held. Sign up time is 7:00 AM and the match fee is $35.00. This is an 80 round High Power Match with 2 sighters in each position. Match rifles or service rifles are legal for this match.

    On Sunday we will hold a CMP leg match which is a 50 round match with a service rifle and no sighters. Sign up time is the same and match fee is $20.00.

    Each match stands alone, so you can go to all three or any one of your choosing.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club
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    bump bump come shoot! should be fun.

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    Default Range report

    We had 20 shooters at the leg match, 50 shots total fired at 200,300,600 yds with Service Rifle, iron sights. Tyler shot a 473 on the 500 pt course.

    Summer Solstice fun match drew 12 shooters and saw a 50 BMG Barret, a F class 6.5, a tricked out Mini 14, a 1903 sport, several varieties of AR15 bolt guns, M1 Garands. M1A's shooting at 600 yds. Great fun. Of not, Mitchel Maxberry, natioanl Rifle Champion several times shot the fun match and won the NRA Regional High Power Rifle Match Saturday .

    See for the next match.

    the 1000 yd Fort Greeley 3 gun match is rescheduled for July now.

    Come out and shoot


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