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Thread: dip this weekend?

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    Default dip this weekend?

    I'm planning on going down to dip the copper this weekend if anybody else is going maybe ride share and or split the cost of fuel. I was going to go with the wife but she backed out today. I'm more than willing to drive. I've got a 1994 ford crew cab (hunting and fishing rig) so I've got some space. I have an extra pole and a large cooler if someone needs it. I was going head out friday evening or early sat. morning to catch the charter. I just have to be back for work monday morning. Maybe a ODD get together if there are a few down there.

    Anybody interested?

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    Looking at leaving on Thursday morning at the latest stopping to hit the Klutina, dipnet and then a possible trip to Valdez for Halibut since I'm so close and coming back Sunday/Monday. 322-5676 Also have a crew cab and will take the small tent and the wall tent plus I will have dry space under the topper.


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