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Thread: Skilak to Bings in a Canoe ??

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    Default Skilak to Bings in a Canoe ??

    Just wondering what the trip is like.

    I've fished the upper alot and the lower alot, but have never been on that stretch of the river.

    How's the water ?.....and how long does the trip take ?


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    That stretch of river is pretty placid. Much less turbulent than the upper river through Copper Landing. Very doable in a canoe. The 2 wildcards are the lake and the takeout. Skilak Lake can stand up from flat to white caps in very short order. However, it only takes a few minutes to get across the lake and far enough down the river to get out of waves. On the other end, you do not want to miss the takeout at Bings as the Naptown Rapids are immediately below and have taken their share of canoes and lives. The other thing to be aware of is powerboat wakes in that section of river. Float time depends on how rapidly you push yourself along. Good luck.


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