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Thread: Rockfish Recompression Devices

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    Default Rockfish Recompression Devices

    For those following the Seward Butt thread, here is a link to a $6.00 recompression device along with some information on how to use it and videos

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    Has anyone ever used one of these? Does it really work or just drop the fish deep enough that they are not floating on the surface. It would be great if it really worked.

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    I made the same thing using a large lead head jig and a line tied the hook. Squeeze the barb, connect the line on the jig to the line on a extra rod. Insert the hook through the lip let the weight take it down and when it gets deep enough a quick jerk and the hook comes out of the fish and we didn't see any float back up. I assume there is a better chance of survival than poking a hole in the air bladder.


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